Award-winning teacher praises Seed to STEM!

Denise Scribner, biology, ecology and forensic crime science teacher at Eisenhower High School in Goddard, Kan., was recently named the 2017 Janet Sims Memorial Teacher of the Year by the Kansas Found… continue reading →

Seed to STEM lessons connect school with careers

Martha Nowak, a K-12 Engagement coordinator at K-State Olathe, worked with eighty-five 9th grade biology students who visited campus and rotated in groups through several science programs. Nowak said,… continue reading →

Lots of carbs means lots of energy!

Corn contains carbohydrates in the form of starch, which can be broken down into simple sugars and fed to yeast to produce ethanol. Denise Scribner’s biology students at Eisenhower High School used the… continue reading →

Getting educated about enzymes

Amy Rishell teaches high school biology at Bluestem High School in Leon. After attending the Seed to STEM summer workshop, she and her students grew and dissected corn in the classroom. Rishell said,… continue reading →

Seed to STEM lessons boost course biotech content

Workshop attendee Mandy Kern is using Seed to STEM materials in her Animal Science class, part of the agriculture pathway. Her students have done the micro pipetting lab, GMO Speed Dating, DNA sentences… continue reading →

Classroom connections to careers

Want to make your students aware of the wide variety of ag-related career opportunities available today? According to the National Ag Day website, approximately 22 million people work in agriculture… continue reading →

First Seed to STEM workshop full of active learning!

What’s that rustling sound I hear? Sounds like something in the corn field—it is! Twenty-five Kansas teachers recently gathered in Overland Park, KS for a workshop sponsored by the Kansas Corn Commission… continue reading →