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Digging deeper at his second Seed to STEM workshop

Brian Nelson of Hadley Middle School attended the first Seed to STEM workshop in 2016 and came back to Wichita this year. He shares his experience as a returning participant:

Coming back to S2S for a second time was very helpful. You never know how a lesson that you learned about at a workshop will go until you try it with students. After I had a chance to use the lessons in my classroom, I had better insight on how they were supposed to go, as well as what went well and what didn’t.

At this workshop I was able to ask questions I didn’t even know to ask the first time, and because I had done them in the classroom, many of the demonstrations made more sense the second time. I was also able to share some of my experiences, tips and tricks with the first-time participants. I was also excited to see the new lessons added for this session. Also let’s not forget the most important part: the additional resource kit will allow me to do these lessons in my classroom next year!


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