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Ethanol lab gets high marks for ease of use, accessibility

Jeanie Wege from Onaga FFA attended the Seed to STEM ethanol workshop presented at the Kansas Association of Agriculture Educators (KAAE) Symposium by lead educator Heather Bryan and Anna Lukert, Seed2Stem lead educator from St. Mary’s. Wege said she’d completed CASE several summers ago and purchased some Vernier equipment to use in labs. “My students enjoyed that and are now interested in similar activities. This workshop was an opportunity to learn more about a class lab.”

Wege said the ethanol lab she learned in the workshop can be used with different ages, including 8th graders. She appreciated the hands-on aspect of the activity, as well as its affordability and ease of set-up and use. Wege said, “This is a lab that can be done any day with students.”

The best part of the workshop, according to Wege? “The chance to take home goodies that we can use in the classroom!”

Summer workshops are available in Wichita and Lawrence. Register now!


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