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Lots of carbs means lots of energy!

Corn contains carbohydrates in the form of starch, which can be broken down into simple sugars and fed to yeast to produce ethanol. Denise Scribner’s biology students at Eisenhower High School used the corn fermentation in a bag lab when studying how cells work. Scribner said, “They enjoyed the hands-on activities very much. Seeing that fermentation is anaerobic was an ‘a-ha’ moment for them.”

Coming up, Scribner plans to use the GMO activities from the Seed to STEM lessons when her class studies genetics. In addition, when introducing the grassland biome to her ecology class, she’ll distill corn mash to make ethanol. Scribner found the summer workshop helpful in tweaking lessons to include more references to agriculture and corn and in relating science to these topics.

We’ll be offering the summer workshop at two different locations this year! Watch for registration to open Feb. 1 for new attendees!


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