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More ag in your science!

Seed to STEM workshop alumni Denise Scribner teaches Biology, Ecology, and Forensic Science at Eisenhower High School. She recently presented at the annual Career and Technical Education Conference hosted by the Kansas Association of Educational Service Agencies (KAESA). Her topic? “Integrating Agriculture into the Middle & High School Science Classroom”

Approximately 30 people attended her session, including school administrators, middle/high school science teachers and ag instructors. Scribner said, “I was amazed at how they hadn’t thought about integrating Ag activities into regular science classes like biology, ecology, physics and chemistry. My presentation gave them lots of ideas on ways to use Ag concepts with evolution, genetics, conservation of natural resources, land management, etc.” 

Scribner praised the Seed to STEM workshop and curriculum, as well as sharing other resources with her listeners. She said, “To model an activity from Seed2STEM, I had the participants complete the GMO Speed Dating activity during my presentation. I also showed them the Seed2STEM website and the other lessons and videos available there.”  

Scribner said the audience seemed to enjoy the fast-paced, active session. “There seemed to be a lot of excitement generated by my presentation, especially for science department heads and administrators who can’t support a topic-specific Ag program in the schools but could see the value of integrating Ag into classes like biology and ecology.”


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