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Newton High School receives distillation equipment for science labs

Science teachers at Newton High thank Kansas Corn and Renew Kansas for their generosity:

Your gift of equipment could not have come at a more opportune time. As you know schools in Kansas are in the midst of, and on the verge of, more funding cuts. Because of this we as professional educators have been faced with the challenge of doing more and more with fewer resources than ever before. This has caused us to improvise and make do at every turn. With the gift of this equipment, we will be able to provide our students with first-hand experiences that will simulate the work of professional scientists in 21st century labs. Our students deserve these experiences, and we owe them every possible opportunity to explore the field of science to best prepare them for the future they have in front of them. STEM-related job opportunities can be seen in almost every area of our economy, and the demand for qualified workers in these fields is only increasing. Through this gift your organization has shown a commitment to our students and to us as professional educators. We appreciate every opportunity we have to provide our students with the best lab experiences, and you and your organization have made that possible.

Thank you, Lacie Fair, Adam Williams, Adrianne Wedel, and Jerry Epp


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