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Not your grandfather's kind of farming

Commodity Classic is America’s largest farmer-led, farmer-focused convention and trade show. Seed to STEM’s sponsor, Kansas Corn, made it possible for S2S teacher leaders to experience this event. Jed Heath, an Earth Science and Biology teacher at Maize South High School in Wichita, tells about his trip:

By attending Commodity Classic, I looked forward to learning about farming as is it done today and will be done in the future, not what was done a hundred years ago. I was excited to meet with farmers and get questions answered that some of my students and myself had.

I am not a farmer nor have I been around farms very much, so as a teacher this has helped me become more rounded in what I know and can teach my students. Thanks to this trip, I have first-hand experience with new technology and current issues surrounding agriculture.

I think the most striking things I learned about were the struggles our farmers go through to be successful and the challenges we face as a country to supply food and protect our fields. I want my students to know that farming is more than food—corn is being used in renewable sources and for energy. My students will be getting to explore ethanol, its use as a biofuel, and the many uses of corn.


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