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See it made; make it yourself!

The Seed to STEM lessons allow students to explore “the science of corn”. Denise Scribner’s students at Eisenhower High School started from the beginning, as they grew corn, then did labs on the root systems of that corn. Next, they did nutrient and protein tests on corn and corn mash, then fermented corn.

Then the class visited the Pratt Energy Ethanol plant to see ethanol production on a large scale. Having witnessed this, they went back to their classroom and distilled corn into ethanol themselves. Seed to STEM’s lessons and supplies from the Kansas Corn Growers’ Association made this possible.

“AG am in Kansas” did a feature on Scribner’s activities, complete with student interviews about what they did and learned. You can see that video here.

The segment on Scribner’s class starts at about the 15:00 mark.

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