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Seed to STEM lessons boost course biotech content

Workshop attendee Mandy Kern is using Seed to STEM materials in her Animal Science class, part of the agriculture pathway. Her students have done the micro pipetting lab, GMO Speed Dating, DNA sentences and the pGlo lab. Kern said, “This class starts with the issues of world hunger and the role GMOs can play. I’m including the Seed to STEM lessons as biotechnology throughout the course.”

Kern said students always enjoy hands-on lab activities and now have an understanding of a plasmid, DNA and transfer and transcription. “Our bacteria did not glow, so I am not sure what we did wrong, but it was still a good practice for lab techniques and procedures and following steps in an experiment. They were all in favor of GMOs, but the speed dating helped them see what types of genes are sought after and what they can do.”

Kern said, “The workshop was very helpful to me as a teacher. I always appreciate resources and ready-to-go ideas that help me teach concepts in a new way and tie them to current topics.”

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