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Sharing Seed to STEM Science at KATS Kamp

Everyone loves anniversaries, and Seed to STEM was proud to be at KATS Camp for KATS’ 50th anniversary! Of the over 140 people present, many visited the Seed to STEM booth to learn more about the program, and 17 people signed up for the summer workshops.

Seed to STEM lead educators Heather Bryan and Lacie Fair led two “Let’s Make Bacteria Glow! Seriously!” workshops, showing how bacteria can be genetically modified. Fair, a science teacher at Newton High School, learned about Seed to STEM through last year’s KATS Kamp. Now she is presenting the S2S curriculum at workshops herself! Fair said, “S2S offers extensive hands-on experiences with multiple labs that I can actually use with my students, a look at the practical real-world application through agriculture and industry, and best of all, industry contacts that I can use to help bring primary insight and understanding to my classroom.”

Bryan said, “Everyone was very engaged in the workshop and many were excited to hear more about Seed to STEM.”  One workshop participant commented on the evaluation: ”Awesome session! Loved the hands-on application. Loved making the GMO rather than just talking or showing. Very classroom friendly!”

Interested in Seed to STEM workshops? Visit our events page.


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