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What are you glowing about?!?

Seed to STEM lessons enhance biotechnology instruction in the classroom! James Burk teaches biology, advanced biology, chemistry and physics at Trego Community High School. Burk attended the Seed to STEM Lawrence workshop this summer and said he looks forward to using the pGLO and GFP purification in his biology courses.

Burk said, “It is very important for students to understand the science behind GMOs and other biotechnology. Allowing them to experience what goes into developing GMOs will enable them to make rational, informed decisions. I truly believe biotechnology is the present and future of feeding the world’s population.”

Growing up on a family farm, Burk decided to pursue science education as a way to raise his children in a rural environment. He appreciates farmers as hardworking people who care deeply about the land and their neighbors.

Burk said the workshop gave him some great ideas for expanding his usual lessons on ethanol production and testing different variables. He found the Garnett ethanol plant tour very informative and hopes to tour a nearby facility with his students.


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